The course will prepare one for an entry level position with an airline as a FAA Certificated Aircraft Dispatcher 

Subject matter includes: Meteorology, B737 Turbojet Aircraft Systems, Aerodynamics, Regulations, Communications, Air Traffic Control, Navigation/Flight Planning, Aircraft Theory, and Practical Dispatching. This FAA approved program totals 204 hours of FAA required training. No prior aviation experience is required.

For more information call 513-321-7465 or 1-800-824-4170 

Course Description

Aircraft Dispatchers work with the Captain of the aircraft to insure the safe operation of the flight.  They are responsible for flight planning, weight and balance, weather planning etc.  before the flight is dispatched.  They, along with the Captain are responsible for each flight.  Once the flight is dispatched, they are also responsible for following the flight and dealing with any contingencies during that flight.

For more information call 513-321-7465 or 1-800-824-4170.


Course Tuition

Underbelly of plane

AGS School's Six Day Distance Learning program is $2995.00 We are the only school in the world approved for Distance Learning Instruction with a 6 day residency program.  You can study at home, on line, to accomplish of the 152 of the 200 hours that are required for the certification. Then you will come to Flamingo Air Academy for our 6 day residency program.

MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted or make your check payable to FLAMINGO AIR ACADEMY. TUITION DOES NOT INCLUDE BOOKS AND MATERIALS.  All students must pass an FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Test before class begins.  Students in the Distance Learning Program must also pass the Private Pilot Knowledge Test if they are not a pilot.  That fee is $165.00 per exam and is not included in the tuition.  All classes are taught at Flamingo Air Academy located at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati, Ohio.  

We also offer Classes in Miami, Florida in partnership with Pan Am International Flight Academy. 

For more information call 513-321-7465 or 1-800-824-4170.